Monday, June 16, 2008

Kabir: One of the Greatest Mystic Poets in the World

Welcome to the world of Kabir-One of world's greatest mystic poets. Kabir - a Lover, a Saint, a Poet, a Devotee and above all a great Human!!

Here I have put his some pads and dohas and their easy translation in English. There are thousands of famous dohas said by Kabir, which are well known to India, mostly heard in bhajans. I have tried to keep those kinds of dohas at a minimum, and to put some less known or heard dohas and pads. I hope you will enjoy reading them.

The presenter of these posts is not anywhere near Kabir, and therefore there is always a chance of misinterpretation. Still I hope these dohas and pads would be a good read for seekers.

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Aman Sandhu who kept me motivated to complete this blog and helped me in translation part. Without his encouragement this post couldn't be completed.

***All kinds of feedback are most welcome. You are cordially requested to mail me at if find any mistake in meanings, explanation or pads. I will try my best to check and remove any such errors.


Anpadh said...

Probably you are aware of this website already but I thought I would draw your attention to it, as it is also an excellent site about Kabir (in my opinion):

Archetypes India said...

Thanks for your blog.

By your blog you have rendered a service to the earnest.
Kabir, like Tukaram, is light for millions ovr the centuries.
Tukaram and Kabir, and the aborigine tribes have been companions, solace, guides, and inspiration for me in my personal life. They have changed my way of life. Still learning continues.

It seems you have not updated your blog for some time. Not that quantity matters. Whatever size it is complete any time, like a seed turns into a sapling, then into a tree.

I came across your blog while looking for “Ananahd Nad” while writing the recent post. This must be by providence / destiny / “vidhilikhit” rather than chance.
Please see this post/blog and give any suggestion, comments, corrections...

Thanks again,