Monday, June 16, 2008

Mast Qalandar

When a seeker finds his true home, meets his beloved one and tastes the divine nectar of love, this great ecstasy is beyond words!! No worldly drugs or drinks can compare to it, no words can describe it!! This is full time intoxiction which never comes down!!
Yet Kabir has tried to describe this bliss and ecstasy in so many ways. Here are some dohas and pads.

Ham vasi us des ke, jahan jaati-kul naahi.
Shabd-milawa hoi raha, deh-milawa naahi.

Kabir says – we are the citizen of that state where neither caste nor creed matters. There we meet in the form of Shabd(sound current, the true form of the soul) and not with this physical body.

Hadd gayi, anahad gaya, rahaa kabeera hoy.
Behaddi maidaan me, raha kabeera soy

The limited world is left behind and so is true about the anahad(region of the unstuck melody). Now Kabir is in his true self. He rests in the infinite and unlimited field.

Kabir pyala prem ka, antar diyo lagay.
Rom-rom me rami raha, aur amal kya khay.

Kabir tastes the cup of love in his heart. This love is so divine and powerful drug; it is spread in his whole being. No other drug or drink is comparable to it.

Payo satnaam gare ke harabaa.
Saankar khaTolana rahani hamaaree, dubare paanch kaharawaa.
Talee kunjee hame Guru deenhee, jaba chaho tab kholo kibarabaa.
Prem-preeti kee chunaree hamaaaree, jab chaho taba nacho saharabaa.
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, bahuri na aibe ehi nagarabaa.

I got this priceless necklace of Sat Naam. My DOLI(the carriage in which a bride is taken to her husband’s place- here refers to the body) was shorter and narrow and the five Kahars( persons carrying the DOLI-here five elements) were too slim(weak), (still I made the journey to the palace of my beloved). My Guru gave me the key to open the door of the palace. I open the door when even I want and go to meet him. I am wearing the clothes made of love and affection and I dance with great bliss and happiness. Kabir says that now he will not come back to this city (Naihar, parents’ place); he has found the palace of his beloved one.

Ko beene, prem lagee ree maai, ko beene.
Raam rasaayan maate ree maai, ko beene.
Paai paai tu patihaai, paai kee turiaa bech khaai,
Ree maai ko beene,
Aise paai par bithuraai, tyon ras paani banaayo ree,
Naache taanaa naache baana, naache kooch puraanaa,
Karagahi baithi kabeera naache, choohe katya taana ree,
Maai ko beene.

Kabir says - who cares to weave? I am absorbed in love. No, I am not weaving now. Ram (Love, God, Lover) is the great wine, I am totally drunk of it and want to live like it. No, I will never weave again. Mother believes that I learnt weaving (paai-art of weaving, paai-got) and will do good earning. She doesn't know that I sold the paai (weaver's tool). I made the great wine and spread it all over the paai (weaver's tool). Now all are dancing- taana, baana( thread's linings for weaving) and the old brush. I am also dancing here at weaver's workplace. Who cares to weave? I am drunk in the great wine of Him!!
Kabir is referring weaving as the karmas people do here in hope of good returns. The tools are like things and work organs we use here. Kabir has made good use of them; he made the divine drink of love. He tasted it himself and now has spread it all over the things around him (to people around him) and all are dancing with great joy and ecstasy. Now he will not do any more karmas to bind him here, he has cut all threads, has sold all tools and has made all of them mad in divine love.
Sabai rasaayan main kiyaa, prem samaan na koy. ratee ek tan me sancharai, sab tan kanchan hoy. I tasted all drinks, all drugs... nothing is as great as Love. You consume a drop of it and it transforms you....your whole being gets changed. Like metal gets converted to gold...... you are something else now..... most graceful and beautiful.............

Kabir baadal prem kaa, ham par barsyaa aai.
Antari bheegee aatmaa, haree bhai banraai.

Kabir says when this cloud of love rained over me, my heart and soul became cool and calm. Now the desert within me is blossomed like a forest.

Lalee mere laal kee, jit dekho tit laal.
Lalee dekahan main gayee, main bhee ho gayee laal.

The color of my beloved is spread all over the world. Wherever I see I see his color only. I went to see his colors but I am myself colored by his color.
The ultimate realization happens when a devotee sees that everything is made of the same essence and there is nothing spared by GODLINESS. At that moment when the oneness occurs and the essence of Godliness which is nothing but pure love shows its true color to the devotee, he realizes that he himself is the same and nothing less than that.

Haman hai ishq mastaana, haman ko hoshiyari kya.
Rahe aajaad ya jag me, haman duniyaa se yaaree kya.
Jo bichude hain piyaare se, bhaTakate dar badar phirate,
Hamara yaar hai hamame haman ko intejaari kya.
Na pal bichude piyaa hamse, na ham bichude piyare se.
Unhee se neh laaga hai haman ko bekaraaree kya.
Kabira ishq ka maataa, dui ko door kar dil se.
Jo chalana raah naajuk hai, haman sar bojh bharee kya.

I am drunk of his love, what is the need of being smart or wise? I am free in this world; I need not any friendship here. Whoever is separated from the beloved, wanders here and there. My beloved is within my heart, I need not to search or wait for him. We are in love with each other. He doesn’t leave me for a moment; neither I am separated from him (for a fraction of second). My love is only him, why will I be restless when I have found him (within me)? Kabir says - get drunk of this divine love and drop all thoughts of duality. If I have to walk over so narrow (like walking on a rope) path, why will I keep any baggage on my head?

Hari ras peeyaa jaaniye, je kabahu na jaai khumaar.
Maimantaa ghoomat phire, naahee tan kee saar.

How will you know who is a GOD-realized soul, who has tasted the great wine, the nectar of GOD?? Kabir says you can see the symptoms – the person who has attained the community with GOD, looks like intoxicated all the time. This intoxication never comes down, he looks like insane, wanders like the same, doesn’t even bother about his body or appearance

Kabir hari-ras yo piyaa, bakee rahee na thaaki.
Paaka kalash kumhaar ka, bahuri chadhe na chaaki.

When I drank the nectar of love (Kabir has said it as Hari-ras or Hari-jal at so many places- GOD-realization), no desires were left in my mind. Kabir says - (Now my realization is complete), I shall not come here again (I am baked up in the holy fire of knowledge/ self- realization). When the potter bakes the pot, and somehow it breaks, he shall not mix it again to make new pots. So is true for the GOD, when a person has realized the ultimate truth, he will not come again in this world.
***Ramkrishna has given this example of baked pot so many times.

Prem-Preeti ka cholana, pahiri Kabeera naach.
Tan man wapar varihau,Jo koi bolo saanch.

Kabir wears the cloths of love and affection and dances madly. He will sacrifice his body and mind on those who are bound to the truth only.

Tu tu karata tu bhaya, mujhame rahi na hu.
Wari tere naam par, jit dekhun tit tu.

I called you, I thought about you, only you were on my mind. Now there is no me within me. I am sacrificed upon you, I see only you everywhere. When true love happens, only beloved remains, even when a person falls in love with someone, he or she thinks about the beloved only. Kabir says that it is you only everywhere. When I thought about you all the time, my own self was dropped completely, and now I can see it is you only and nothing else.

Kahana tha so kah diyaa, ab kachhu kaha na jay.
Ek raha dooja gaya, dariyaa lahar samaay.

I have already said what ever was there to say. Now it is not possible to say anything more. Now it is only ONE and the duality is gone. The river has met to the ocean, now there is no separate existence.

Had me rahe so maanwa, behad rahe so saadh.
Had - behad dono taje, taakee mata agaadh.

The person, who is within limits, is a human. The person who travels to unlimited regions is a Sadhu. But the person who has gone beyond the limited and the unlimited, his consciousness is like infinite. He is the truly realized soul!!

Hari sangat sheetal bhayaa, miTee moh ki taap.
Nisi waasar such nidhi raha aan ke prakaTa aap.

When Kabir met to his Lord, all pain and sufferings of this world disappeared. Now he enjoys the bliss day and night, as the Lord showed himself by his own will and love.

Deepak deeyaa tel bhari, baatee dayi aghaTT.
Pooraa kiya bisaahuNa, bahuri na aavo haTT.

My Lord gave me the lamp full of oil and the wick everlasting. Now my shopping has completed here, now I won’t be coming again in this market (world).

Kabir man nirmal bhaya, jaise ganga neer.
Paachhe Paachhe Hari phire, kahat kabir kabir.

Kabir is pure in his heart and mind like the water of the Ganga. He is the beloved of the Lord, now the Lord follows him calling “Kabir, Kabir”. The thinnest yet the strongest rope is the rope of love. Kabir has mastered the art of love, he got his mind and heart cleansed and put the love in it. He found the master key of the beloved’s heart. Now the Lord is attached with this love, he is eagerly following Kabir!!!

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