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Satguru: Living God in Human Form

Satguru: God in Human Form………..

Guru kumhar sish kumbh hai, gadhi-gadhi kaadhe khoT.
Bheetar haath sahaar de, baahar maare choT.

Guru is like the potter, who keeps working on the pot to make it in the shape. While he strikes gently on its surface to shape it, he gives support of the other hand from within. The Guru also works on his disciples in the same way. He scolds them to remove all bad habits and negative thoughts but at the same time he keeps providing his love to them so they feel supported and get the courage to remove all impurities without getting any harm. Here Kabir is saying a psychological truth of utter importance – telling someone about his or her faults and giving advices for betterment is not enough to improve them. There should be so intense love which could make them feel that they are not alone, they are being cared and who so ever is giving them advices, is always with them. It gives them encouragement and power to fight and get themselves in good shape removing all impurities. A true Guru only can do this miracle on spiritual path (but it is of the same importance in any other teaching field also). That is why Guru is so important.

Prem piyaala jo pilaaya, sees dakshiNa dey.
Lobhee sees na de sake naam prem ka ley.

I will offer my head to him for this teaching; who has provided me the cup of divine love. A greedy person saves his head, doesn’t offer it to him, still he wants to find love, talks about love (that is impossible).

Guru dhobi sish kaapaDa, saabun sirjanhaar.
Surati shila par dhoiye, nikase joti apaar.

The Guru is like washer man, the disciple is like cloth and the Creator (Name or NAAM) is like soap. Wash away all your filth on the stone of Surati (consciousness) and see what a great light emerges from yourself!!

Jaake man vishwas hai, sada guru hai sang.
Koti kaal jhakjhorahee, tau na ho chit bhang.

Who so ever has full faith in his Guru; his Guru shall always remain with him. No matter how many times (Koti - Crore) Kaal plays trick to divert his mind, his concentration will not break. Faith upon own Guru has this power to save his disciple in worse conditions.

Guru Gobind dono khaDe, kako laagu pay.
Baliharee Guru aapne, Gobind diyo lakhaay.

My Guru and my Lord both are now in front of me (by the grace of Guru)!! Tell me whom should I bow down!! Even there was Lord always present, I was not able to meet him, but by the grace of my Guru, I found my Lord also!! Sure my Guru is greater than my Lord, without him I couldn’t find my Lord!!

Sab dharatee kagaj karau, lekhani sab banraay.
Saat samudra ki masi karu, Guru gun likha na jay.

Even I use this whole earth as paper, make pen of all woods and use the water of seven seas as ink, still I can’t write all virtues of my Guru!!

Bhalee bhai jo Guru milya, nahi to hoti haani.
Deepak diShTi patang jyo, padata puree jaani.

It was for my good that I met to my Guru or I could be at great loss!! As moth falls in the light of a lamp, so I could fall in this illusionary world!! I am saved by my Guru’s grace!!

Yah tan vis kee belaree, guru amrit kee khaan.
Sees diyo jo guru mile, to bhee sastaa jaan.

This body is the mistletoe of poison, and my Guru is the mine of Amrit. If you can’t find Guru, you are bound to fall in this poisonous well and destroy yourself. If you can find your Guru by sacrificing your head, still this trade is a profitable one. You will find something priceless in exchange of this worthless head (ego, identity, bundle of desires and karmas).

Teerath gaye se ek phal, sant mile phal chaar.
Sant guru mile adhik phal, kahe kabir vichaar.

If you go to holy place, you may get one spiritual benefit, but if you meet a Saint, you will get four benefits. Go ahead and find a Saint Guru and you will get unlimited benefits.

Sant purus ki aarasee, santon kee hee deh.
Lakha jo chahe alakh ko, unhi me lakh je leh.

Saints are like mirrors, you can see the invisible through their body. They have cleansed their mind body and soul and the invisible reflects in them (That is why sometimes they call Saints the incarnation of GOD or GODLY power).

Raam naam ke paTantare, debe ko kuchh naahi.
Kya le Guru santoShiye, hauns rahee man mahi.

I don’t have anything equivalent to Name of Ram. I have had this desire unfulfilled that I could give something to my Guru (in exchange of Name) to make him pleased, there is nothing compatible to that.

Kabir bhaThee kalaal kee, bahutak baiThe aai.
Sir saumpe soi piwe, nahi to piyaa na jaai.

Kabir says this is the brewery of the famous brewer. So many people came here to drink, but the brewer has put the strange price for the drink. You have to give your head in exchange of this drink, only then you can taste this drink!!
This drink is the divine drink of love, the brewer is the true Guru and the head is our false self, ego.

Kabir Guru ke bhaawate, doorahi se deesant.
Tan chheenaa man anamanaa, jag se rooThi phirant.

Kabir says who ever loves his Guru and is beloved of Guru is seemingly different from others. His body grows thinner and he seems to be absent minded, He is indifferent from this world (is absorbed in his inner world!!).

Brichh kabahu nahi phal bhake, nadee na sanchay neer.
Parmaarath ke kaarane, saadhun dhara shareer.

Trees never eat their own fruit, other creatures use them. The river never uses its water for itself. This water is utilized by others. So is true for the saints. They are here to help worldly souls, to get us out of this illusionary world. They don’t have their life for their own sake or desires.

Sarwar tarawar santjan, chautha barase meh.
Parmaarath ke kaarane charo dhaaree deh.

One is river, second is tree, third are Saints and fourth kind is clouds. These have come here to help and serve others and not for any own purpose.

Guru samaan daataa nahee, yaachak shees samaan.
Teen lok kee smapadaa, so guru deenhee daan.

There is no donor or giver like Guru and no beggar like the disciple. The disciple asks the wealth of GOD-realization and liberation which is priceless (much more than the wealth of three lokas), so he is the greatest beggar. And Guru gives this wealth so without taking anything in exchange of that so he is the greatest donor.

Nirbairee nihkaamataa, Saai setee neh.
Vishiyaa su nyaaraa rahe, santani aa ang eh.

The person who has no enemy and no desires and not even lust or greed for any sensual pleasures, who has only love for the Lord; is the real Saint.

Nahi sheetal hai chandrama, him nahi sheetal hoy.
Kabir sheetal sant jan, naam sanehee hoy.

Kabir says – the Moon is not so cool and not even the ice is so cool. But the saints are really cool who are attached to the Name of Ram, who have fallen in the love of Ram. (This coolness comes from the beyond, from the beloved one, the origin of everything cool and blissful!)

Ram bulawa bhejiya, diyaa Kabira Roy.
Jo sukh saadhu sang me, so baikunTh na hoy.

Kabir says when his time of departure came and Ram (Lord) called him back to his true home, he started weeping. He says there is a joy being with true devotees of Lord, he will not be able to get it there.
* The same interesting fact I found in Ramkrishna. He says he brought himself back after merging in the ocean of love-to be with true devotees of Lord, make their way smooth and pray Lord with them, this way to enjoy their company.

Beware of fake Gurus……….

Jaka guru hai andhla, chela hai ja chandh.
Andhe andha Theliya, dunyu koop parent.

If the Guru is blind (unrealized) and the disciple is also blind, how can they progress further? If a blind shows the path to the other blind, they both are bound to fall in some dead well at some time. The same is also true for spiritual path. If a person is not fully GOD-realized and he becomes Guru, he can’t show true path to his disciples. His disciples are bound to go astray.

PhooTee aankh vivek kee, lakhe na sant asant.
Jake sang das bees hain, tako naam mahant.

People have their inner eyes of conscience blind; they don’t see who real saint is and who is a fake one. They consider that person as a great saint who ever has a great number of disciples with him. But a true saint doesn’t have many disciples; they have few but true and determined disciples.

Bandhe ko bandhaa mile, chhute kaun upaay.
Kar sangati nirbandh kee, pal me let chhuDaay.

If a bound person meets to another bound one, how can he be liberated? A chained person doesn’t have strength to unlock the other. Kabir says keep the company of liberated Saint who will get you unbound also.


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Got link of this blog through orkut.The post is really superb! Especially, the first Doha.

Thanks for sharing!

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Good post. Nice explanation. Keep it up!

Satguru Kabir Saheb said...

Hello thanks for sharing. I am a kabir panthi and learning many thngs from you! If you use any book for reference etc would be nice to know it! saheb bandagi ;)

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@Satguru Kabir Saheb, I don't know you by name, I can feel your commitment towards Kabir and santmat.
In above posts, most of the pads and dohas are taken from Kabir Vachanavali - a textbook generally taken in Hindi course n Kabir.
Kabir Bijak is said to be authentic and it is available in hardcopy and online too-

Are you following any present Guru or you are following a panth which is coming from Kabir lining?