Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Mystic Pads

Most of the time Kabir talks in symbols and metaphors. When we experience something extra ordinary, the known language is often incapable to express it. If we want to make our feelings public, we have to use the same language which public uses and to give the best possible hint of what we experienced. So we begin using symbols which reflects the nearly meaning to people by making their relevent experiences matching with that extra ordinary. When Kabir wants to say the unconditional and extrem joy of being with Him and his love, he generally uses the love and marriage symbols, because it is the strongest feeling and highest joy known to people. Like other mystics, there are a lot of symbols Kabir uses. Below is one of his mystic pads, interesing yet not easy to understand.

Jau charkha jari jay, badhaiya na mare.
Main katun sut hajaar, charkhula jin jare.
Baba mor byah karav, achcha barahi takaay.
Jau lon achchha bar na mile, tau lon tumahi bihay.
Pratham nagar pahunchte, parigo sog-santaap.
Ek achambha ham dekha, jo biTiya byahal baap.
Samadhee ke ghar samdhee aaye, aaye bahu ke bhay.
GoDe chulhaa, dai –dai, charkha diyo diDhay.
Devlok mar jaayenge, ek na mare baDhay.
Yah man ranjan kaarane, charkha diyo diDhaay.
Kahahi Kabir suno ho santo, charkha lakhe jo koy.
Jo yah charkha lakhi pare, tako aawagaman na hoy.
--- Beejak, Shabad – 68

Even if this spinning wheel gets burnt, the carpenter can never die. But if this spinning wheel doesn’t get burnt, I shall weave thousands of yarns. O dear father, please find a suitable groom for me and get me married with him. Please marry me while you are trying to find the groom. When I entered the city, I felt the great pain and sorrow. We saw this surprising event that daughter got married with father. Groom’s father came to bride’s father’s home and brother of the bride came to meet the sister. The spinning wheel got more strong by putting its parts tightly. All deities in heaven will die one day, but the carpenter can not die, who has made this spinning wheel to please his desire. Kabir says, whoever knows the secret of this wheel, becomes free form this world’ tie-ups.

When we see all statements at first glance, it doesn’t make any sense, because there is no continuity in narrations, meanings and emotions. One statement doesn’t end and second starts. This is due to the reason that once a mystic goes higher and higher, experiences become so much unearthly that worldly language is not enough to describe it. So symbols and metaphors are used to solve this problem. We have to understand each statement as a separate statement and then make continuity among them. If this Wheel of Kal gets destroyed, the origin and maker of it (GOD) can't be destroyed. If this wheel doesn't get burnt and destroyed, I can do thousands of karmas. O dear Guru, please connect my heart to HIM, and until I realize it and meet HIM, please keep me in your shelter. The first time I got initiated, I worried about how could I be able to obey you and go there. But what a surprise that after meeting you, my soul got connected to my creator ( father, supreme soul). The father of Guru met to father of soul ( they seemed to be different, but after realization, soul got the truth that it is one). Now I can say the truth because the real knowledge is mine. At that moment this wheel of kal or creation seemed to be much clear and organised. When I saw all things so clearly, I knew that though everything can be vanished, but the infinite, who has created this wheel can't be destroyed. Kabir says that who knows the truth behind this wheel, can't be trapped in this creation. After the GOD-Realization, you will not have to come in this mortality.


Anurag said...

Expecting much more... kabir vaani jitna padhiye pyass utni badhti jaati hai...

Anpadh said...

Clearly, you are more knowledgeable than I am. So, I shall not try to show off my tiny knowledge of Kabir and Rumi. Your ability to explain, simply and clearly, and without showing off, is what enchants me. Thank you.

yogesh said...

na main dharmi nahi adharmi na main jati na kami ho

na main kehta na main suntan na main sevak swami ho

na main bandha na main mukta na nirbandh sarvangi ho

na kahu se nyara hua na kahu ka sangi ho

na hum narak lok ko jate na hum sarag sidhare ho

sab hi karam hamara keeya hum karman ten yare ho

ya mat ko ki birla bujhe so satguru ho baithe ho

mat kabir kahu ko thape mat kahu ko mete ho

Kabeer said...

Thanks for sharing this pad :) This is also one pad of the highest stage....yes, only SANIT SATGURU has the access to that height..