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Kabir's Dohe -1

Below are some dohas by Kabir and translation in English-

Jagat janayo jihi sakal, so jag janyo naahi.
Jyo aankhin sab dekhiye, aankhi na dekhi jaahi.

The one who is the shower of the entire world, the world knows him not. Just like your eyes show you everything, but you can’t see your own eyes.

Lalee mere laal ki, jit dekho tit laal.
Lalee dekhan main gayi, main bhi ho gayi laal.

The sweet red color of my Beloved is spread all over, where ever I look; I see nothing but the red. What a miracle it is, when I went to see the color of HIM, I also became of the same color.
Sabai rasaayan main kiya, prem* samaan na koy.(at places it is Naam)
Rati ek tan me sanchare, sab tan kanchan hoy.

I have tested all sorts of drugs and medicines, but nothing is comparable to the Love. You just take one drop of it, and your whole being is transformed into pure gold.

Pothi padhi-padhi jag mua, pandit bhaya na koy.
Dhaai aakhar prem ka, padhe so pandit hoy.

The whole world is tired to death by reading books and scriptures, but none could become wise and knowledgeable by reading them. By reading two and half sacred letters of Love(prem word consists of two and half letter in Devanagari script), one becomes real knower.

Kahe Kabir main kachhu na keenha.
Sakhee suhaag Ram mohi deenha.

Kabir says I didn’t do anything. O my dear friends, it is my Lord’s grace and Love who has given me this bliss of unity. It is all his grace and mercy.

Naina antar aav tu, tyuhi nain jhapeun.
Na hau dekhun aur ku, na tujjh dekhan deun.

You please just come inside my eyes and I will close my eyes. Neither I shall see anyone else, nor shall I let you see.

Dus dware ka pinjara, taame panchhi paun.
Rahibe ko acharaj hai, jaaye to acharaj kaun.

This cage has ten doors and the encaged is so thin like air. It is a miracle that it is living inside, not surprising when it is out of the cage.

Birah bhuwangam paiThi kari, kiya kaleje ghaav.
Saadhu ang na moDahi, jyu bhave tyu khaav.

This pang of separation entered in my body like poisonous snake and started eating my heart bit by bit. True devotee never complains and never denies the pain and suffering; let it eat as it wishes.

Sab rang taant rabaab tan, birah bajawe nitt.
Aur na koi sun sake, kai saai kai chitt.

This body is the musical instrument of all colors; the separation from the Beloved plays it day and night. None else can hear it but my Lord or my own heart.

Aaay sakun na tujjh pe, sakun na tujjh bulaay.
Jiyara yonhi lehunge, birah tapaay-tapaay.

Neither can I come to you nor can I request you to come to me. Utterly helpless I am. Shall you let me die burning in this separation?

Birah jalanti main firun, mo birhin ko dukkh.
Chhanh na baithun, darapati, mati jal uThe bhuk.

Burning in the fire of separation I wander here and there and can’t find rest. I still suffer from another pain; I can’t sit in the shadow of any tree, as the tree itself will catch fire from me. I can’t have even that much comfort.

Birah jalanti main firun, jalati jalhari jaaun.
Mo dekhya jalhari jale, santo kahan bujhaaun.
Burning in the fire of separation, I run to the river in hope to put it off and get some coolness. Seeing me, the river starts burning. O saints, tell me, where can I put this fire off?

Agini aanch sahana sugam, sugam khadg ki dhaar.
Neh nibahan ekras, maha kathin byohaar.

It is easy to walk through fire, it is also comparatively easy to bear the cuts of swords, but Kabir says – “It is far more difficult to love equally and continuously in same manner”.

Deepak deeya tel bhari, baati dayi aghatt.
Poora kiya bisaahuna, bahuri na aaun hatt.

He granted me a lamp full of oil and a wick which will never finish. I have completed my trading in this world; I am not coming back to this marketplace.

Maaya to Thaginee bani, Thagat fire sab des.
Ja Thag ya Thaginee Thagi, ta Thag ko aades.
This MAYA( Illusion) is the great cheater, it deceives the whole world. Praise be upon the cheater who is able to deceive this MAYA, he is ordained and authorized by the Lord (mostly in the meaning of the spiritual teaching).

Maaya gayi to kya hua, maan taja nahi jaay.
Maan bade muniwar gile, maan saban ko khaay.
What if you have conquered the illusionary vision and got the reality as it is. The desire and greed to be respected and famous is not easily destroyed. This desire for name and fame has trapped so many sages and spiritually advanced people, it eats all.

Ham ne mare, marihe sansaara.
Hamko mila jiyaawanhara.
I shall not die even if the whole world is destroyed. The savior has found me and saved me.
Had gayi, anahad gaya, raha kabeera hoy.
Behaddi maidan me, raha kabeera soy.

Crossing the regions of limited and unlimited, Kabir has become. In the land of infinite lies Kabir asleep.
Kai birhin ko meech* de, kai aapa dikhlaay.(death)
AaTh pahar ka dajhna*, mope saha na jaay.(burning, suffering)

Either you grant me death or show yourself. This burning and suffering of 24 hours is now being unbearable.
Hansi Hansi kant* na paaiya, jin paaya tin roy.(groom)
Hanse khele Hari mile, kaun suhagin hoy.

None has ever found her divine groom by laughing and enjoying. Who ever has found him, has found through crying. If the Lord could be found by laughing, enjoying and playing, who would care to meet him?
Havas kare piy milan ki,au sukh chaahe ang.
Peer sahe binu padmini*, poot* na let ulang*. (Most beautiful women, son, in lap)

You wish to meet the Beloved and want the comfort and enjoyment for your body, both are not possible together. Even the most beautiful woman delivers her baby through pain and suffering. She gets this joy to hold her baby in her lap after so much pain. By referring to the most beautiful woman, here Kabir indicates that even the soul is pure, devoted and dedicated, still there comes the moment where she has to walk through pain and suffering before she finally meets the Lord.
Hirde bhitar dau* jale, dhuan na paragaT hoy.(fire in jungles)
Jake lagee soi lakhe, kai jin laai soy.

It burns inside the heart like the wild fire broken in the jungle, but the smoke is not visible. Only he can see who is burning inside or HE who has caused it.
Chakai bichhuri rain ki, aai milee parabkaati.
Je jan bichhure Raam te, te din mile na raati(at the places it is Satguru)

The bird cursed to be separated from its partner in night hours meets him again in the morning, but who ever is separated from the Lord, can’t meet him day or night.

Mooye peechhe mat milo, kahe kabeera raam.
Loha maaTee mil gaya, tab paaras kehi kaam.

Don’t think to meet the Lord after death. Meet him while you are alive. Kabir says – “What a philosopher’s stone can do when the iron is turned to dust?”

Kabira baid bulaaiya, pakari ke dekhi baanhi.
Baid na vedan* jaanai, karak kaleje maanhi.(pain)

They called the doctor to check Kabir’s sickness. The doctor checks the pulse to diagnose the disease. The doctor doesn’t understand my pain; it is deep down in my heart.

Man parateet na premras, na is tan me Dhang.
Na jano us peev su, kaise rahasi sang.

Neither I have faith in my heart, nor do I know anything about love. I even don’t know the etiquettes. I am nervous how I will live with my Beloved.

Tum to samarath saaiya, driDh kar pakaro baanhi.
Dhurahi* le pahunchaaiyo, mag* me choDo naahi.(destination, in the middle of road)

You are capable to do anything my Lord, please hold my arms tight and take me to the ultimate destination, don’t leave me in midway.
Yaar bulaawe bhav so, mope gaya na jaay.
Dhani* maili piya ujala, laagi sakun na paay.(bride)

My Beloved calls me with such intense love; but I am such sinful I am unable to walk. The Beloved is the purest one and the bride is dirty and soiled, how can she dare to touch his feet?
Naam na jaane gaav ka, bin jaane kit jaav.
Chalata chalta jug bhaya, pav* kos* par gaav.( one fourth, two miles is a kos)

You don’t even know the name of your own village, without knowing it where will you go? You have traveled for millions of years and have not reached yet, while your own village is just half a mile away.
Chalan chalan sab koi kahe, mohi andesha* aur.(doubt)
Saheb se parichay nahi, pahunchenge kehi Thaur.

Everyone says to come on spiritual journey (referring to Gurus), but I have one doubt. They have not yet met to the Lord, where will they go and where will they take you?

BaaT* bichari kya kare, pathi* na chale sudhaar.(road, traveler)
Raah aapani chaaDi ke, chale ujaar-ujaar*.(desert)

What is the fault of the spiritual path, when the traveler doesn’t travel in right lane? He leaves his own road and walks down to the deserts and blames on the path that it is not taking him to the destination.

Jo hansa moti chuge, kaankar* kyu patiyaay.(pebble)
Kankar matha na nawe, moti mile to khaay.

The swan that eats pearls, will not settle down for pebbles. He will never take the pebbles, only when he will get the pearls, he will feed himself.
Nam ratan dhan paaike, baandhi gaanTh na khol.
Naahi paTat* nahi paarakhi, nahi gaahak nahi mol.(understanding)

When you got the priceless gems of Name, tie it hard in your cloth and never open it. Here no one will understand its true worth, neither anyone will be able to evaluate it. No one will buy and pay for it. So keep it hidden, don’t open in public.

Amrit keri pooriya*, bahu bidh leenhe chhori*.(small packet, in cloth)
Aap sareekha* jo mile, taahi piyaaun ghori.*(like me, will give to drink)

I have tied the small packet of the nectar in my clothes. If I find someone like me, I will make the drink of nectar and offer him.
Kaajar hi ki koThari, kaajar ki hi koT*.(color on walls)
Tau bhi kaaree na bhayi, rahi jo oTahi OoT.(in shelter of Satguru)

This world is like the rooms made of coal, and the walls are painted black. Still the soul which always remains under the shelter of the Satguru doesn’t get any black color upon her.

Kali khoTa jag aandhra, shabad na maane koy.
Jaahi kahun hit* aapana, so uThi bairee hoy.(good wishes)

This Kaliyug (Dark Age) is a corrupt period, no one believes in SHABAD or Word. Who ever I speak about it for his wellness, he becomes enemy of me.

Jin DhoonDha tin paaiya, gahare paanee paiTh.
Main baura dooban dara, raha kinaare baiTh.

Whoever searched for him, found him by diving deep in the ocean. I was such fearful of getting drawn; I couldn’t gather courage to go deep. I sat at the shore and found nothing.

Herat herat he sakhi, raha kabir heraay.
Boond samaani samand me, so kit heri jaay.

Kabir kept on searching and searching and now he is totally lost. The drop is merged in the ocean, now nowhere it can be found.

Hirday maanhi aarasee, mukh dekha nahi jaay.
Mukh to tabahi dekhai, dubidha dei bahaay.

In your heart is the mirror where you can see the face of the Beloved but you are not able to see it. The face of the Beloved can be seen only when you drop all doubts, thoughts and conflicts.
Padha guna seekha sabhi, miTa na sanshay sool.
Kah kabir kaso kahun, yah sab dukh ka mool.

You read a lot, thought over it again and again and learned so many things, still the doubts are not removed from the mind. Kabir says – Whom should I say that all these things are the root of all problems and suffering.

Laaya sakhi banaay kar, it ut achchar kaaT.
Kah Kabir kabtak jiye, jooThi pattal chaaT.

You made the SAKHI (the two liner poetry which speaks about witnessed truth) by adding few words from here and some words from another place. Kabir says – “How long you will live by eating others’ leftovers? Do your own search and speak the experienced truth not the borrowed words.”
Kahata* to bahuta mila, gahata* mila na koy.(speakers, someone who holds us)
So kahata bahi jan de,jo nahi gahata hoi.

There are so many talkers but I couldn’t find someone who would hold us (refers to Spiritual Gurus who make big claims but actually are not capable to fulfill the promise to grant realization). The one who doesn’t make big claims but holds us and takes us to the destination, that Guru is needed on the spiritual journey. If someone makes big claims but doesn’t hold us, let them go. Don’t follow him who is not the holder.
Sahaje sahaje sab gaya, sut bit kaam nikaam*.
Ekmek hwe mili raha, das kabira raam.

Naturally and gradually all are left behind- the attachment and pleasures of children, wealth, lust and even detachment. Now Kabir is merged with his Lord as one entity.
*Here nikaam refers to the work one has to perform as his duty in this world even when he is not mentally attached to it anymore. He doesn’t derive any pleasure or doesn’t expect any outcome from it for him yet does it for the sake of serving his duty towards the world. One day comes when even this task is finished and one is totally free from the creation and becomes the part of the creator.

Jo kachhu aawe sahaj me, soi meeTha jaan.
Kadua laage neem sa, jame aichataan(after much discussion).

Whatever comes to us naturally is a sweet gift by the Lord. Anything which we get by asking or arguments or by troubling others is bitter like Neem.
Jo dekhe so kahe nahi, kahe so dekhe naahi.
Sune so samujhaawe nahi, rasana*, drig* shruti* kaahi.(tongue, eyes and ears)

We have separate sense organs. Which sees speaks not, which speaks, can’t see. Which hears, can’t speak and explain. These three organs – tongue, eyes and ears do the task which they themselves experience not. It is possible to have differences in communication among this three in one person, then what about the whole world? There is always a chance that we are living in constant miscommunication, illusion and wrong interpretation.

Hari heera kyu paaiye, jin jeewe ki aas.
Guru dariya so kaadhasi, koi marjeeva daas.

The diamond of the God’s Love can’t be found by someone who has the desire to live on. Someone who is courageous enough to die and has died while living, dives deep in Satguru’s ocean and finds it.
Khari kasuaTi naam ki, khoTa Tike na koy.
Naam kasauTi jo Tike, jeevat mirtak hoy.

The touchstone of Naam is the purest one, no fake or false can stand it. Only those can stand Naam’s test, which are died while living.

Marate marate jag mua, auras* mua na koy(in different way).
Das kabira yo mua, bahuri na marana hoy.

People have died so many times in millions of years, but they didn’t know how to die in a different way. Kabir, the servant of the Lord has died in such a way that he will not have to die again.

Ghar jaare* ghar ubare*, ghar rakhe ghar jaaye.(burning, saved)
Ek achambha* dekhiya, mua* kaal ko khaay.(strange thing, dead)

If you burn the house*, your house** is saved (*your false or temporary abode, the different layers of bodies, in material world, it is tie up with a household, ** your true house or spiritual home). If you keep your house (don’t let it go), your original home is lost. I saw such a miracle that the dead is eating the kaal (the angel of death and destruction).
*Here dead refers to the devotee who is supposed to be food of Kaal, but after burning his house in temporary worlds, he has won the time and death. Now he has consumed the region of time and space and has conquered the fear of death.

Nirmal bhaya to kya bhaya, niramal maange Thaur.
Mal niramal se rahit hain, te saadhu koi aur.

What if you have become the pure one, you ask a pure place to dwell in. That Sadhu is a rare one who has gone beyond the sense of purity and impurity.

Bhajun to ko hai bhajan ko, tajun to ko hai aan.
Bhajan tajan ke madhya me, so kabir man maan.

If I should devote, who is there to devote? If I must renounce, what is there to be renounced? In the middle of devotion and renunciation lies the true path, such is Kabir’s understanding.

Ab to jujhe hi bane, mudi* chalya ghar door.(returning)
Sir saheb ko saumpate, soch na keeje soor*.(warrior)

Now you have no other option - be ready to die anytime and fight fiercely. If you want to leave the battlefield and return to the old home (old patterns of life), that is left far behind. Now you can’t be back to that state. Now submit your head to the Lord O warrior and think not for a second but fight.
Sir raakhe sir jaat hai, sir kaaTe sir hoy.
Jaise baatee deep ki, kaTi ujiyara hoy.

If you want to keep your head (ego, I-ness), your original head is being lost (soul’s identity, true self), and if you cut your head off, you grow a new head. It is similar to the wick of a lamp; which burns and finishes itself in order to turn into light.

Jo haro to sev Guru*,jo jeeto to daav.(at places it is Ram, both refer to same power)
Sattnam se khelta, jo sir jaav to jaav.

Now this is the game with True Name. If I loose, I shall server my Guru forever. If I win, I am the winner anyway. Both ways I am in a win-win situation, what if my head is gone; let it go, let me die within.
Khoji ko Dar bahut hai, pal pal paDe bijog.
Pran* raakhat jo tan gire, so tan saheb jog.(promise)

A seeker has so much fear; he always suffers by the pangs of separation. If the seeker dies while keeping his commitment towards Guru, that body, mind and soul is worth to serve Sahib (the Lord).
Patibarata mailee bhali, kaali kuchit kuroop.
Patibarata ke roop par, waraun koTi saroop.

A dedicated and committed wife is the most beautiful woman in the world, even if she is of black color, of rude nature and ugly. I shall sacrifice millions of beautiful women for that dedicated wife. Here Kabir indicates the one-pointed devotion towards the Guru and Lord which is the most required quality in a devotee and which pleases the Lord most.

Patibarata pati ko bhaje, aur na aan suhaay.
Sinh* bacha jo langhna*, tau bhi ghaas na khaay.(lion, hungry)

A committed wife is devoted only to her husband, none else can please her. If a lion is hungry, still it will not eat grass.
ChaDhi akhade* sundari, maanda* piy so khel.(wrestling ground, started the game)
Deepak joya gyaan ka, kare kaam jyu tel.

The above is a beautiful example of analogies Kabir used to describe the indescribable and the path of spiritual practice. He says- The beautiful maiden has come to the wrestling field to play the game with her beloved. She has lit the lamp of true knowledge and has put the lust as oil.
The beautiful maiden refers to the female aspect of the soul which is love, devotion and dedication. The beauty describes the soft and tender nature. The maiden has come to the wrestling field, which denotes the male aspect of the soul. Only devotion will not work, a time will come when the soul has to be courageous and brave enough to die as I. As it is said that love is not work of tenders and gentles, it is work of wrestlers. If a soul has to love the Lord truly, it is as challenging as a beautiful maiden wrestling in the ground, both aspects in one figure. Again Kabir tells the pre-requisites of the devotion. The soul should have true knowledge as whom she should devote. She should not devote anyone blindly. Without this lamp she can go astray of true path. The fuel or launching pad is the energy, which some call lust, some call sexual energy or creative energy. She has to preserve and concentrate all her energy and burn it so it can find its way upwards. Hence the analogy of putting lust as oil in the lamp of the true knowledge.

Soora ke to sir nahi, data ke dhan naahi.
Patibarata ke tan nahi, surat base man maanhi.

A warrior has virtually no head; because he is always ready to die. A giver can’t have wealth as he will keep giving when he gets any wealth, so he can’t accumulate it. A committed wife will never have good health because all the time she thinks of her husband’s well being and she can’t think of herself or take care of herself. (All three virtues combined make a true devotee).

Kabir rekh sindoor ki, kaajar diya na jaay.
Nainan preetam rami raha, dooja kahan samaay.

A married woman can never replace the sindoor(red powder Hindu married woman puts on her head) with black eyeliners; it is the symbol of her husband’s love and commitment. A true devotee can’t think or see anyone else but his Beloved Lord. There is no place for the other.
AaTh pahar chaunsaTh ghadi, mere aur na koy.
Naina maanhi tu base, neend ko Thaur* na hoy.(place)

During whole 24 hours of the day none else could be mine (AaTh pahar chaunsaTh ghadi-Indian calendar timing to count 24 hours). Only you live in my eyes now even sleep can’t enter there.

Balihaari Guru aapne, dyuhaari* sau bar.(in day)
Jin maanus* se devata kiya, karat na laagee baar*.(human, time)

I am sacrificed upon my Satguru hundreds of times in a day who made a Deity out of a human like me. And what a wonder, he didn’t take any time doing it.

Guru dhobi sish kaapada, sabun sirajanhaar.
Surati shilaa par dhoiye, nikse jot apaar.

The Guru is like the washer man and the disciple is like the dirty cloth. The Guru uses the Lord’s name like soap and washes our dirt away on the Surat-stone and what an unfathomable light it produces!!

Guru kumhar sish kumbh hai, gadhi-gadhi kaaDhe khoT.
Antar haath sahaar de, bahir maare choT.

The Guru is like the potter and the disciple is like the pot. The Guru keeps stroking outside the pot to make it in shape while all the time he supports it from within with other hand so it doesn’t get broken. Such intense is his care and concern to make us righteous.

Kabira te nar andh hain, Guru ko kahte aur.
Hari rooThe Guru Thaur hain, Guru rooThe nahi Thaur.

Kabir says those people are blind who say that the Guru is other than the Lord. If the Lord is displeased with you; your Guru will provide shelter and save you from the Lord’s anger. But if your Guru is somehow displeased with you, the Lord can’t be of any help of you.

Bastu kahi, DhunDhe kahi, kehi bidhi aawe haath.
Kah kabir tab paaiye, bhedi* leeje saath.(who knows the secret place)

The thing you are searching for is kept somewhere else and you are searching it at another place, how will you find it? Kabir says you will find it only when you take a Guide who knows the secret of the hidden treasure.
ChaunsaTh deeya joi ke,chaudah chanda manhi.
Tehi ghar kisaka chandana, jehi ghar satguru naahi.

If you lit 64 lamps in your house and 14 moons light up your courtyard, still your house is in utter darkness if the Satguru has not appeared there.

Bandhe ko bandha mile, chhooTat kauon upaay.
Kar sangat nirbandh ki, pal me let chhudaay.

The tied ones meet to another tied one and take him as a Guru and Guide, tell me how they will be freed? Kabir says – “Keep association with someone who is free and liberated, he will make you free within no time”.
Saadhu kahavan kaThin hai, lambaa ped khajoor.
ChhaDhe to chaakhe premras, gire to chakanachoor.

It is difficult task to be a true Sadhu. The path of love is like climbing up to the date tree. If you are successful in climbing up, you will taste the nectar of love. If you happen to fall down, you are torn to pieces.

Koi aave bhaav le, koi aav abhaav.
Saahdu dou ko posate*, gine na bhav abhav.(takes care of)

Some people come with devotion and love and some others come with some unfulfilled desires. The saints take care of both types of people; they don’t see or calculate their devotion or selfishness. A true Saint is just like the GOD, who is a giver to all.

Had me chale so maanava, behad chale so saadh.
Had behad dono taje, takee mata agaadh.

The one who is confined in limitations is human, the one who roams into unlimited, is a Sadhu. The one who has dropped both limited and unlimited, unfathomable is his being and understanding.
Sona sajjan sadhu jan, TooTi jure sau baar.
Durjan kumbh kumhaar ke, eke dhaka daraar.

The gold, the good people and true Sadhus are mended up whole again hundreds of time after being broken. The evil ones are like the pots of the potter; once they are broken it is not possible to mend them.
Guru bichaara kya kare, shishyahi me ho chook.
Shabd-baan bedhe nahi, baans bajave phoonk.

What a Guru can do when the disciple is at fault? The disciple doesn’t practice SHABAD and keeps playing bamboo flute. (Still he complains about Guru that the realization doesn’t happen to him).
Kabir sangat saadhu ki, jyu gandhi ki baas.
Jo kachhu gandhi de nahi, to bhi baas suvaas.
Kabir says the association of Saints is like the company of perfume seller. Even if you don’t buy any perfume, still you get some fragrance in his company.

Dwar dhanee ke pari rahe, dhaka dhanee ka khaay.
Kabahunk dhanee nivaajai, jo dar chhoDi na jaay.

The devotee lies down at the door of the Lord and remains there all the time. Even the Lord kicks him and scolds him; still he doesn’t leave his door. Anytime the Lord will have mercy and compassion for him and he will grant his love, if he doesn’t leave the door.

Kaajar keri koThari, aisaa yah sansaar.
Balihaari ta daas ki, paiThi ke nikasanhaar.

This world is like the room of black coals and color. Praise be upon that devotee who enters in it and comes out without a single spot.

Jo ghaT me saai base, so kyu chhana hoy.
Jatan jatan kari daabiye, tau ujaala hoy.

The heart, in which the Lord has made his abode, can’t be kept hidden. Even the devotee tries hard to keep it hidden and out of public’s eyes, still the light of the Lord comes out and reveals his presence.

Tan ko jogi sab kare, man ko birala koy.
Sahaje sab bidhi paaiye, jo man jogi hoy.

Everyone who is on spiritual path tries to make the body still and capable to do yoga, but rare is the one who makes the mind still and Yogi. Everything comes to that yogi naturally who has made his mind still and under control.
Raat gavayi soy ke, divas gawaaya khaay.
Heera janam amol tha, kauDi badale jaay.

You spend the night in sleeping and day time in eating and enjoying. You were granted a human life precious like diamond and you are exchanging it for seashell!!

Mor tor ki jevari*, bandha sab sansaar.(chain of mine and yours)
Das kabira kyu bandhe, jako naam adhaar.

The whole world is tied with the chains of mine and thine. Kabir, the servant of the Lord will not be trapped in these chains; he has taken refuge in Naam.

Baasar sukh na rain sukh, na sukh sapane maanhi.
Jo jan bichure raam te, tinko dhoop na chhanhi.

Those souls who are separated from the Lord, can’t find peace and happiness in day or night, they even don’t feel peace in dream state. The hot day or the cool shadow doesn’t make any big difference to them.

Kabira aap Thagaaiye, aur na Thagiye koy.
Aaap Thaga sukh hot hai, aut Thage dukh hoy.

Kabir says it is ok if you are deceived by someone (forgive and forget and it will not make any tie up).But be careful not to cheat anyone. If you are cheated, you will be still happy because there is no bound, but by deceiving others you are bound and unhappy.

Udar samata ann* le, tanahi samata cheer*.(grain/food, cloth)
Adhikahi sangrah na kare, tako naam faqir.

A true faqir doesn’t take food more than what is his appetite and doesn’t accept cloth other than what is his immediate need to cover his body. A true faqir never accumulates any stuff for him.
Bahu bandhan te baandhiya, ek bichara jeev.
Ka bal chooTe aapne, jo na chhuDaave peev.

The poor soul is tied up with so many chains. What is its strength to be free? It can’t do anything until the Beloved comes and makes it free from all bondage.

Poora saheb seiye, sab bidhi poora hoi.
Ochhe neh lagaaiye, moolau* aave khoi.(even you will loose the principal amount)

Serve the Lord who is perfect and whole in all aspects (refers to Guru which is mostly synonymous to GOD in Kabir’s pads). If you serve someone who is not perfect and is of lower tendencies, you can’t get any spiritual benefits and will lose even your principal amount.

Jahan kaam tanh naam nahi, janha naam nahi kaam.
Dono kabahu naa mile, ravi rajanee ek Thaam.

Where lust resides, Naam can’t enter there. Where Naam has taken place, lust escapes away immediately. These two can’t be at one place one time. Who can see the Sun and the night both at the same time and place? These are poles apart and impossible to be at one place.
Kaam kaam sab koi kahe, kaam na cheenhe koy.
Jeti man ki kalpana, kaam kahaave soy.

Everyone talks about lust (as a weakness) but none has really understood its real nature. Whatever are the mind’s imaginations, all fall under the scope of lust.

Madhur bachan hai aushadhi*, kaTuk bachan hai teer.(medicine)
Shravan* dwar hwai sanchare, sale* sakal sareer.(ears, aches)

The sweet and pleasant words are like medicine, they have curing effect on the listener. The bitter and harsh words are like arrow which enter in the body through ears and cause pain in the whole body (the wound of the body are soon gone but the wound made by words are difficult to heal).
Aab* gayi, aadar gaya, nainan gay saneh.(grace, self-respect)
Ye tino tabahi gaye, jabahi kaha kachhu deh.

We lose grace, respect and affection all at the same time when we ask something or some favor from someone.
Amrit keri moTari*, sir se dhari utaari.(big packet in cloth)
Jaahi kaho main ek haun, mohi kahe dwai chaari*(used in abusing sense).

I have found the source of nectar and tied it up in my clothes. I have put down this packet, but when I try to say someone the great secret that it is all one (try to share it), they start abusing me.
Maan badaai jagat me, kookar* ki pahachaani.(dog)
Meet* kiye mukh chaaTahi, bair* kiye tan haani.(friend, enmity)

This all name and fame (famous) in the world are similar to the nature of the dog. If you make friends with it, it will start licking your face and if you make enemy with it, it will bite you and hurt you (keep a safe distance from them).

Bada hua to kya hua, jaise peD khajoor.
Panthi ko chhaya nahi, fal laage ati door.

What if you have become great and famous and have all riches and wealth. If you don’t do any good to others, you are like the date tree which is so thin and tall, it doesn’t cast big shadow so tired travelers could get rest under you some time. The fruits are so far and high, people can’t get it easily. The true nature of great ones is to serve others.

Prabhuta* ko sab kou bhaje, prabhu* ko bhaje na koy.(greatness, GOD)
Kahe kabir prabhu ko bhaje, prabhuta cheri* hoy.(maid)
Everybody in this world is madly praising greatness (they praise great people in any field) but no one praises to the Great (the Lord). Kabir says of you don’t run behind the great people, but pray to the Great Lord, the greatness will become your maid at service.

Chit kapaTi* sab so mile, maahi kuTil kaThor.(mean/clever)
Ek durjan ek aarasi*, aage peechhe aur.(mirror)

A cunning person meets and greets everyone with sweet words, but inside he is very clever, mean and hard-hearted. Two things in the world – a mirror and a cunning person have two totally different facets. At front it is neat clean and beautiful and behind it is something else.
Aaasha ek jo naam ki, dooji aas niraas.
Paani mahi ghar kare, so bhi mare piyaas.

If you hope and desire for anything, do it for Naam only. Any other hope or desire is bound to turn into disappointment and frustration. Even if such person makes home inside the water, still he will die thirsty.
Ki trishna hai dakinee, ki jeevan ki kaal.
Aur aur nis din chahe, jeevan kare behaal.
This greed is like a witch, it makes the life hell. It asks more and more day and night, it is never satisfied and turns the life into a restless frustration.


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