Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kabir Ke Pad - 4

1. Gagan ghaTa ghaharaani, saadho, gagan ghaTa ghaharaani.
Poorab disi se uThi badariya, rimjhim barasat paani.
Aapan-aapan menD samhaaro, bahyo jaat yah paani.
Man ke bail, turat harwaaha, jot khet nirbaani.
Dubidha doob chhol karu baahar, bov naam ko ghaanee.
Jog-jugut kari karu rakhawaari, char na jaay mrig ghaanee.
Baalee jhaari, kooTi ghar laawe, soi kusal kisaanee.
Panch sakhi mili keen rasoiyaa, ek-se-ek sayaani.
Doono dhaar barabar parase, jeve muni aur gyaani.
Kahat Kabir suno bhai saadho, yah pad hai nirabaanee.
Jo ya pad ko pariche paave, taako naam vigyaani.

गगन  घटा  घहरानी , साधो , गगन  घटा  घहरानी .
पूरब  दिसि  से  उठी  बदरिया , रिमझिम  बरसत  पानी .
आपन -आपन  मेंड़  सम्हारो , बह्यो  जात  यह  पानी .
मन  के  बैल , तुरत  हरवाहा , जोत  खेत  निरबानी .
दुबिधा  दूब  छोल  करु  बाहर , बोव  नाम  को  घानी .
जोग -जुगुत  करि  करु  रखवारी , चर  न  जाय  मृग  घानी .
बाली  झारि , कूटि  घर  लावे , सोई  कुसल  किसानी .
पाँच  सखी  मिलि  कींन   रसोइया , एक -से -एक  सयानी .
दूनो  धार  बराबर  परसे , जेवे  मुनि  और  ग्यानी .
कहत  कबीर  सुनो  भाई  साधो , यह  पद  है  निरबानी .
जो  या  पद  को  परिचे  पावे , ताको  नाम  विज्ञानी .

(See the below pad as an analogy of Lord's grace working all the time and how we can harvest it and use it for our spiritual progress. May be a seer actually sees this happening)

The roaring dense clouds are spread in the sky, O Sadhu, those dense clouds are all over. These clouds are arisen from the east (Poorab refers to East and to Ancient also which denotes the origin) and it is drizzling out there. Make surroundings of your fields tight so the water doesn't flow out of it. Take control of your mind and use it as bull to plough your field and make your field ready for the plantation of Nirvana. Cut the grasses of doubts out from the field and saw the seeds of Naam. Remain alert and watchful in safeguarding it so the deers(wild animals-senses and enjoyments) don't eat it. That farmer is really smart who keeps his farm safe and secure and when the corp is ready, he reaps the corp, separates the chaff from the grain and brings it to home. Five friends (lust,anger,greed,attachment and egotism-it is said that when a person advances in spirituality, these tendencies turn into virtues and then help the practitioner because in reality energy is only one which takes many shapes) cook the meal ( the outcome is love and devotion-which is acceptable to sages, saints and Lord himself), they all are smart and wise. They offer it equally to all and sages and knowledgeable persons take the food.Kabir says-this pad is about the state of Nirvana. Whoever understands it by his own experience, he is a true mystic.

All above symbols refer to the mystic practice of Nam where the field is our body, the rain is the grace of the Lord, the seed it the Nam given by Satguru. We need to harvest the grace so the energy doesn't run out of us. We should keep watchful of our tendencies which lead to devastation. When our corp is ready, the outcome is Love which is available to all without any discrimination and which is the only thing acceptable to the Lord.

2. Ka sowo sumiran ki beriya.
Jin siraja tin ki sudhi naahi, jhakat phiro jhakjhalani jhalariya.
Guru updes sandes kahat hain, bhajan karo chaDhi gagan-aTariya.
Nit uThi paanch pachis ke jhagara, vyaakul meri surati sundariya.
Kahat Kabir suno bhai sadho, bhajan bina tori sooni nagariya.

Why do you sleep at the time of simaran and bhajan? You don't care about the Lord who made you and sleep carelessly in your beautiful colorful bed. Satguru gives you messages and advices that you should do the bhajan climbing high in the mension in the sky. You wake up and start doing the same fighting with five and twenty-five*(refer to the pad -piya unchi re aTariya tori dekhan chali) daily. Your maiden soul is restless among these activities. Kabir says your city(Body) will remain lifeless without Bhajan.  

3. Bagon na ja re na ja, teri kaaya me gulajaar.
Karani kyaari boi ke, rahani karu rakhavar.
Duramati kaag uDaai ke, dekhe ajab bahaar.
Man maali parabodhiye, kari sanjam ki baar.
Daya paud sukhe nahi, chhama seench jal Dhaar.
Gul aur chaman ke beech me, phoola ajab gulaab.
Mukti kali satmaal ki, pahiru goonthi galhaar.
AshTkamal se upaje, leela agam apaar.
Kah Kabir chit chet ke, aavagaman nibaar.

Don't go to the garden if you want to see the beauty and glory of flowers, your body is the garden which contains all the flowers. All you have to do it to help it flourish. Make the bed of actions for the flowers and your behaviour as an alert guard. Drive away the crows of intellect (which justifies wrong deeds) and see the beauty of it. Make the mind good gardener and make the surrounding of temperance to keep it safe. Make sure that the plant of compassion doesn't dry up, always keep watering it with forgiveness. Among the flowers, in the middle of the garden a strange rose is blossomed. This is the bud of liberation, entwined in Truth(satmaal), I wear this like garland around my neck. His playfulness(Leela, game) arises from the eight-petaled lotus, it is inaccessible, unfathomable. Kabir says - Be aware in your heart and cross the phenomena of birth and death.

4. Mera tera manua, kaise ek hoi re.
Main kahata hu aankhin dekhi, t ukahata kaagad ki lekhi,
Mein kahata surajhavanhaari, tu rakhyo arujhaai re.
Main kahata tu jaagat rahiyo, tu rahata hai soi re.
Mein kahata nirmohi rahiyo, tu jata hai mohi re.
Jugan – jugan samjhaavat haara, kaha na maane koi re.
Tu to ranDi, phire bihanDi, sab dhan Daare khoi re.
Satguru dhara niramal bahati, wame kaaya dhoi re.
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, tabhi waisa hoi re.

How can my mind(understanding) and yours be alike? I speak out of my own experience, things I have seen with my own eyes and you speak from the written books ( you have not known them).  I speak to make it simpler and you make it more complicated and confusing(because you yourself are not clear about it). I tell you to keep awake(aware in your consciousness) and you go on sleeping(again and again in your consciousness). I tell you to remain detached and you get more allured. I keep trying to explain it for eons but no one listens to me. You have become like a prostitute( who gets attached to anyone providing money) and wander like a loafer, you have lost your treasure(spiritual wealth) in behaving this way. Kabir says - listen to me, the pure current of Satguru's grace flows all the time, wash your body(and mind) in it and you will also become pure like him.

5. Guru se kar mel ganvaara/ Ka sochat barambaara.
Jab paar utarana chahiye/ Tab kevaT se mil rahiye.
Jab utari jaay bhav paara/ Tab chhuTe yah sansaara.
Jab darasan dekha chahiye/ Tab darapan manjat rahiye.
Jab darapan laage kaai/ Tab darasan kiya na jaai.
Jab gaDh par baji badhaai/ Tab dekhi tamashe jaai.
Jab gaDh bich hot sakela/ Tab hansa chalat akela.
Kahe Kabir dekh man karani/ Wake antar beech katarani.
Katarani ke gaanTh na chhuTe/ Tab pakari-pakari jam looTe.

Make unison with Satguru O stupid people, why do you think over it again and again? When you want to cross the river, the best way is to make friends with the boatman(Guru is said to be a ship which ferried the souls across this illusory world), who will take you to the other shore. When you will cross this illusory world, then only you will be free from the birth and death. When someone wants to see his face clearly he must rub the mirror and keep it clean(in similar way, if you want to see your divine nature, you should keep rubbing your mind and heart by doing meditation). When the mirror gathers dust, you can't see your face in it(the way we can't see our divine being). When it is drumming on the top of the fort, go and see the whole show(drum-the vibratory sound, creative power, show- the visible worlds). When the sound ceases to be, the swan is all alone(the self is one without created worlds).
Kabir says - see the games of the(deceiving) mind, it keeps the scissors ( cunningness) in it. The knots of this cunningness are not undone, that is why the messenger of death comes and robs them.

6. Soch samajh abhimaani, chaadar bhayi hai puraani.
TukaDe-TukaDe jori jugut so, so ke ang lapaTaani.
Kar Daari maili papin so, lobh-moh me saani.
Na ehi lagyo gyan ke sabun, na dhoi mal paani.
Saari umar oDhate beeti, bhali-buri nahi jaani.
Sanka maan, jaan jiy apane, yah hai cheej biraani.
Kahe Kabir dhari raakhu jatan se, pheri haath nahi aani.

At least think over it now, O arrogant people, your shawl is old and torn(body). This is so much torn, you keep sewing the pieces of it here and there and keep yourself wrapped(the old body, kept with medical care and efforts). You made it dirty with sins, you soiled it with greed and lust. You never applied the soap of knowledge on it neither you washed it in water(satsang, naam). You spent your whole life being wrapped in this shawl, but still you didn't know what was right and what was wrong (for you). Still is some time, have doubt in your current understanding and know in your heart that this thing(shawl, body) is not yours. Kabir says - You still have some time, take good care of it, it won't come to you again.
Kabir warns those people who have spent most of their life in worldly pursuits that life is too short
now and says that still there is time to take care of your actions, make use of remaining life, your human body and seek the spiritual wealth within yourself.

7. Nainan aage khyaal ghanera.
Aradh-uradh bich lagan lagi hai, kya sandhaya, kya rain sabera.
Jehi kaaran jag bharamat Dole, so Sahib ghaT liya basera.
Poori rahyo asamaan-dharani me, jit dekho tit Sahib mera.
Tasabee* ek diya mere Sahib, kah Kabir dil hi bich phera.

Thoughts keep coming in front of the eyes, my attention is connected in the middle of the head(uradh- above, refers to the meditation spot) all the time, be it evening, night or morning. The whole world keeps wandering in search of him and he, the Sahib(Lord) himself has taken abode in my body. He is permeating in the sky and in the earth, wherever I see, I see my Lord only. Kabir says - He has given me such a rosary, that is being chanted over in my heart only.

8. Shabad ki choT lagi mere tan me/ Ghar nahi chein, chein nahi ban me.
DhunDhat phiron, peev nahi paavon/ Aushadh-mool khaay gujaraavon.
Tum se baid na hamase rogi/ Bin deedar kyu jiye biyogi.
Eke rang rangi sab naari/ Na jaano ko piy ki pyaari.
Kah Kabir koi gurumukh paave/ Bin nainan deedar dikhaave.

My body(and heart) is pierced by the shabad(Sound current), I can't find peace in home or in forest. I keep looking for him, but can't find my Beloved. I spend my days taking herbs and fruits(can't think over the food so what ever I get, I take it to keep alive). I have not seen a doctor like you and a patient like me. How can a lover stay alive who is separated from his Beloved and can't have glimpse of him? Here all women are colored alike, how can I know who is dear to her groom ( all souls are colored in Naam, who is dearer to the Lord)? Kabir says - It is only a Gurumukh(A devotee who is turned away from world and is forever attached to his Guru) who can show you your Beloved's face without using these eyes.

9. Chali mein khoj me piy ki/ MiTi nahi soch yah jiy ki.
Rahe nit paas hi mere/ Na paaun yaar ko here.
Bikal chahu aur ko aaun/ Tabahu nahi kant ko paaun.
Dharo kehi bhanti se dheera/ Gayo gir haath se heera.
KaTi jab nein ki jhaai/ Lakhyo tab gagan me sai.
Kabir shabd kahi bhasa/ Nayan me yaar ko baasa.

I went on looking for my Beloved, sorrow in my heart didn't go away. I knew that he was with me all the time, still I couldn't find him even when I kept searching for my Beloved. I ran all around, feeling restless still I couldn't find my Beloved. How can I have patience when I know that I have
lost the diamond(it was dropped from my hand). When the clouds over my eyes got cleared, then I was able to see my Lord in the high sky. Kabir sings this pad and says - your Beloved lives right within your own eyes.

10. Asamaan ka aasara chhoD pyaare, ulaTi dekho ghaT apana ji.
Tum aap me aap tahakik karo, tum chhoDo man ki kalpana ji.
Bin dekhe jo nij naam jape, so kahiye rein ka sapana ji.
Kabir deedar paragaT dekha, tab jaap kaun ka japana ji.

Kabir addresses those people who think that GOD lives high in the sky, sitting in some heaven. He says - Drop the hope of the Lord sitting in high sky and turn your attention towards and within your own body. You search within yourself and drop all fantasies and imaginations of your mind. If someone cites his name without seeing him, it is like dream thing in the night(it is not awareness of truth). Kabir says - if you really see him directly by yourself, then what is the use of citing his name? You got to know him by yourself.

11. GhaT-ghaT me raTana laagi rahi, paragaT hua alekh hai ji.
Kahu chor hua, kahu saah hua, kahu bamhan hai, kahu shekh hai ji.
Bahurangi pyaara sabse nyaara, sab hi me ek bhekh hai ji.
Kabbir mila murshid usame, ham-tum naahi, wah ek hai ji.

The same name(sound, shabad) is being reverberated  in each and every being, the unknowable Lord himself has shown up(to me). At one place he has become a thief, at another place he himself is moneylender. He himself is a Brahman and he is a sheikh too. He is different from anything, he puts so many forms and faces still he is one in all of them. Kabir says - even my Guru is merged in Him, there is no you or me, he is one and only being.

12. Sadho ek aapu jag maanhi.
Dooja karam-bharam hai kirtim, jyu darapan me chhanhi.
Jal tarang jimi jal te upale, firi jal maanhi rahaai.
Kaaya jhaai paanch tatt ki, binase kahan samaai.
Ya bidhi sada dehgati sabaki, ya bidhi manahi bichaaro.
Aaya hoy nyav kari nyaaro, param tattva nirvaaro.
Sahaje rahe, samaay sahaj me, na kahu aay na jaave.
Dhare na dhyaan, kare nahi jap-tap, Raam-Raheem na paave.
Teerath-barat sakal parityaage, sunn dor nahi laave.
Yah dhokha jab samujhi pare tab, pooje, kah pujaave.
Jog-jugut me bharam na chhooTe, jab lag aap na soojhe.
Kah Kabir so Satguru poora, jo koi samajhe-boojhe.

O Sadhus, ( I discovered this truth) he is the only one in this entire universe(creation, existence).
Thought of any other or anything which seems to be, any activity or vision are all artificial, it is
like the shadow in the mirror.Like a wave arises from the ocean and again falls back into it so is the shadow of this body which is said to be made of five elements. When the body dies, where do these elements vanish? Bodies of all of us will vanish like this, understand it in this way.That which has come into it(in the body, that which is different from these elements) think of and find out that eternal element. It remains untouched and merges back to its source, it doesn't come or go anywhere. It doesn't meditate, it doesn't do simaran or perform austerities, it has nothing to do with Ram or Raheem(different religious paths). It abandons visiting holy places and doesn't do any rituals or fastings. It doesn't hold onto void(SUNN or thoughtless state where meditation is directed). When you come to know this illusion (and understand the True Nature of your self) then who is there to worship and who is to be worshipped? In all methods of yoga and other techniques, this illusion is not gone, till one sees his own true self. Kabir says - that Satguru is perfect, who has known this truth(of the Self).

13. Sadho, sahaje kaaya sodho.
Karata aap, aap me karata, lakh man ko parabodho.
Jaise BaT ka beej, taahi me,patra, fool, fal, chhaaya.
Kaaya madhye boond biraaje, boonde madhye kaaya.
Agni, pavan, paanee, pirathi, nabh, ta bin melaa naahi.
Kazi, pundit karo niberaa, kake maanhi na saai.
Saanche naam agam ki aasa, hai waahi me saacha.
Karata beej liye hai khete, trigun teen, tat pancha.
Jal bhari kumbh, jale bich dhariya, baahar-bheetar soi.
Unako naam kahan ko naahi, dooja dhokha hoi.
KaThin panth Satguru ko milata, khojat-khojat paaya.
Ek lag khoj, miTi jab dubidha, na kahu gaya na aaya.
Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, satt shabd nij saara.
Aapa maddhe aape bole, aape sirajanhaara.

O Sadhus, keep searching within your own body(dive deep within yourself, sahaj is the state of
relaxed, the more one is relaxed, the more he slips within his own being). The creator himself is(only in the existence), and within you is also he himself. See it by yourself and make your mind. It is like the seed of banyan tree contains all leaves, flowers, fruits and shadow within it, in the same way the body contains sperms which in turn contains the whole body in it. The fire, air, water, earth and sky - the real thing is not among them. I challenge the Kazi and the Pundit to resolve this -
where is the place or being in which the Lord doesn't reside? The Truth and True name is inaccessible,the True One resides there(the Lord resides in everything and everywhere but till one's consciousness reaches to that state, he is not able to view this truth).The creator has the seeds of the creation which he saws in the field(of the creation), the seeds are three Gunas and Five elements. This entire show is like a pot filled with water and kept inside the water - the same water remains inside and outside of the pot. Where is the place where his Name is not resounding(Sound)? The other is illusion, there in none except the One. The path of true Satguru is really a tough one, I found it after so much seeking. When I found the One, all doubts and conflicts vanished( I didn’t go anywhere or come from, it was within). Kabir says - the true sound is our real essence. He himself speaks within (his own self) and he himself creates everything(by this speaking, this sound).

14. Daras diwaana, baavara, almast fakeera.
Ek akela hwe raha, as mat ka dheera.
Hirade me mahboob hai, har dam ka pyaara.
Peeyega koi jauhari, gurumukh matawala.
Piyat piyaala prem ka, sudhare sab saathi.
AaTh pahar jhoomat rahe, jaise mengal haathi.
Bandhan kaaTe moh ke, baiTha nirsanka.
Wake najar na aawata, kya raaja ranka.
Dharati to aasan kiya, tamboo asamaana.
Chola pahira khaq ka, rah paak samaana.
Sewak ko Satguru mile, kachhu rahi na tabaahi.
Kah Kabir nij ghar chalo, janh kaal na jaahi.

I am crazy to see him. I have gone mad, forever intoxicated (in love), a faqir at heart. I am one(with him) and alone, my understanding is firm (in this knowledge). My Beloved is in my heart, dear to me, all the time. A Gurumukh(intoxicated in love), a true jeweller(someone who knows about gems) will know the value of this nectar and he will make every effort to drink it. When I drank from the cup of love, all friends became good(without love we do judgements, with love only goodness remains). I remain intoxicated 24 hours(eight pahars - One pahar is equal to three hours in Hindu calendar) like a mad elephant. I severed the threads of all lusts and attachments and sat doubtless, fearless.Now I can't differentiate between a King and a poor man. I made the earth my mat and the sky became tent over my head. My dress is made up of ashes (holy fire burns all impurities, attachments and desires, thus making the soul pure and pristine-dress refers to body) and I am merged in the pure one. This servant (Kabir refers to himself as servant) happened to meet a Satguru and was saved from betrayal.Kabir says - Let us go to our true home where Kal can't reach.

15. Jehi kul bhagat, bhaag baD hoi.
Abaran, baran na ganiy rank dhani, vimal vaas nij soi.
Brahman, chhatri, vaishya, soodra sab, bhagat samaan na koi.
Dhan wah gaav, Thanv,asthana, hwe puneet sang loi.
Hot puneet, jape satnaama, aapu tare, taare kul doi.
Jaise purain rah jal bheetar, kah Kabir jag me jan soi.

That family is really very lucky in which a Devotee is born. He doesn't consider caste(abaran-low
caste, baran-high caste), poor or rich, his presence is pure and spotless.Here we consider Barhman, Kshatriya, Vishya and Soodra as different states of human beings(Brahman being the highest and Soodra being the lowest-at the time of Kabir, the caste system was very much strict) but no one is as high as a devotee.Blessed is that village, place and spot (where he resides) they all become pure in his presence. He himself is pure, he recites True Name of the Lord(Satnaam), he crosses this illusory world and helps two families(kul doi - his family and his in-laws family) to cross it. Kabir says - like a lotus is rooted in water but it blossoms out of water(it remains untouched by the mud) so a true devotee lives in this world(he lives within the world but he remains out of the world, untouched, unpolluted).

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kabir ke Pad - 3

1     1.  Haman hai ishq mastaana haman ko hoshiyaari kya.
   Rahen aajad ya jag me, haman duniya se yaari kya.
  Jo bichhade hain piyaare se, bhatakate dar-b-dar firate,
  Hamara yaar hai hamame, haman ko intejaari kya.
  Na pal bichhade piya hamase, na ham bichhade piyaare se,
  Inhi se neh laaga hai, haman ko bekaraari kya.
  Kabira ishq ka maata, dui ko door kar dil se,
  Jo chalana raah naajuk hai, haman sar bojh bhaari kya.

I am bursting in love, what is the use of being clever or smart? I am ever free in this world; I need not any friendship in this world. Those who are separated from the Beloved, wander here and there aimlessly. My Beloved is within me, there is no need to keep waiting. Now my Beloved doesn't leave me for a single moment, nor am I separated from my Beloved anytime. My love is forever towards my Beloved (who is always by my side), why should I feel restless? Kabir is forever intoxicated in love. He says - drop the duality from your heart and behold the unity. If you want to walk on the narrow path (the spiritual path is said to be very narrow) you shouldn't keep any heavy burden on your head.

2      2.  Sadho so Satguru mohi bhaawe.
  Sattnaam ka bhar-bhar pyaala, aap piwe mohi pyave.
  Mele jay na mahant kahaawe, pooja bhenT na laawe.
  Parada door kare aankhin ka, nij darasan dikhalaawe.
  Jaake darsan sahib darasen, anahad shabad sunaawe.
  Maaya ke sukh dukh kari jaane, sang na supan chalaawe.
  Nisi din sat-sangati me raache, shabad me surati samaawe.
  Kah Kabir tako bhay naahi, nirabhay pad parasaawe.

O Sadhus, I love the Satguru who himself drinks the cup full of divine nectar (Satnam- the Ultimate Truth) and offers the same to me. He doesn’t go to marketplace calling himself great pious man, he doesn’t accept any offering or gifts. He is far away from any show off that he is a holy man. He pulls veils of illusions from our eyes and shows his true essence. His essence, his glimpse is such that even GOD longs to see it, he makes the divine celestial sound audible to us. He sees all worldly pleasures as the root of pain and doesn’t enjoy it, he doesn’t entertain himself in this dream world. He stays day and night in the company of Truth, the Ultimate Reality, his whole attention is fixed in the celestial sound, the divine melody, and he is totally devoted to it. Kabir says – He is fearless and he makes us realize our true fearless and free essence. I love the Satguru.

3     3. Man tu kyu bhoola re bhaai.
  Sudh-budh teri kahan heraai.
  Jaise panchhi rain-basera, base birichh par aai.
  Bhor bhaye sab aapu-aapu ko, jaha-taha uD jaai.
  Supane me tohi raaj milyo hai, hakim-hukum dohaai.
  Jaagi paro, tab laav na lashkar, palak khule sudhi paai.
  Maat-pita, bandhu, sut, tiriya, na koi sago sagaai.
  Yah to sab swaarath ke sangi, jhooThi lok-baDaai.
  Saagar manhi lahar uThat hai, ganita gani na jaai.
  Kahat Kabir suno bhai saadho, dariya lahar samaai.

O my mind, why do you forget and wander again and again? Where have you lost all your senses? Like birds take shelter on a tree at night and fly away in the morning towards their own destination, so is this world’s nature. Here no one is yours. Whatever you possess now, is like a kingdom, a fortune found in the dream. All those who work under you and admire you are nothing but characters in a dream state. These all will vanish like things in the dream vanish after we wake up. But this can be realized only when you open your eyes. Your parents, friends, son or wife – none is truly yours. They all are related to you by their own selfish interests. The name and fame of this world is false. Like waves rise from the ocean, infinite and uncountable – so is the nature of this world which arises from the GOD. Kabir says - at the end the waves will fall back and merge to the ocean.

4     4. Jiyara javage ham jaani.
  Paanch tatt ko bano peenjara, jaame bastu biraani.
  Aavat-jaavat koi na dekhyo, Doobi gayo bin paani.
  Raja jaihe, raani jaihe au jaihe abhimaani.
  Jog karante jogi jaihe, katha sunante gyaani.
  Paap-punn ki haaT lagi hai, dharam danD darbaani.
  Paanch sakhi mili dekhan aayi, ek se ek sayaani.
  Chanda jaihe, surajo jaihe, jaihe pavano-paani.
  Kahe Kabir ek bhakt na jaihe, jinaki mati Thaharaani.

I know this soul shall leave the body one day. This body is like a cage built by five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether) and the soul is alien thing kept in it. None has seen it coming (at birth) or going (at death), it just gets drawn without water (at the time of death). The king shall leave, the queen shall leave, the proud and arrogant has to leave this body. The yogi who practices yoga, shall perish and the Gyaani Pundit who listens to holy scriptures shall also perish. Here the market consists of good deeds (virtues) and bad deeds (sins) and the DHARMRAJ (a deity who keeps score of souls’ actions and punishes and rewards it accordingly) is the keeper of this market. Five friends (Five lower tendencies- Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment and Egotism) have come to see the market and trade here (these five foes make the mind and soul entangled in this worldly marketplace), they all are very smart (in deceiving the mind and soul). Kabir says even the moon and the Sun shall perish, only a devotee whose mind has become still and who is unshaken in his devotion, shall never perish.

5     5.    Rahana nahi des biraana hai.
  Yah sansaar kagad ki puDiya, boond pare ghuli jaana hai.
  Yah sansaar kaanT ki baaDi, ulajhi-pulajhi mari jaana hai.
  Yah sansaar jhaar ka jhankhar, aag lage jari jaana hai.
  Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, Satguru naam Thikana hai.

I will not live in this alien country, this world. This world is so vulnerable; it is ever changing and perishable. It is like a sheet of paper which will be dissolved by a drop of water. This is a garden of thorns, one will get entangled in it so badly, and he will die. This world is like a pile of dried bushes, anytime any fire will burn it to ashes. Kabir says – listen to me O sadhu, only Nam given by Satguru is your true refuge.

6     6. Jo dekha so dukhiya dekha, tan dhari sukhi na dekha.
  Uday-ast ki baat kahat ho, taakar karahu bibekha.
  Baate-baaTe sab koi dukhiya, kya girahi-bairaagi.
  Shukracharya dukh hi ke kaaran, garabhe maaya tyaagi.
  Jogi dukhiya, jangam dukhiya, taapas ko dukh doona.
  Aasha-trishna sab ghaT vyaape, koi mahal nahi soona.
  Saanch kaho to sab jag kheejhe, jhooTh kahyo nahi jaai.
  Kah Kabir tei bhaye dukhiya, jin yah raah chalaai.

I have seen only miserable people here, I couldn’t see anyone who has come into a body and is happy and joyous. You speak about the rise and fall, so please explain it to me (joy and sorrow, birth and death- in one’s life). Where ever I have gone, I have seen people sorrowful and miserable whether they are householder or a person of renunciation. Shukracharya*(a holy character in hindu scripture) felt this miserable nature of the world and he abandoned this MAYA (worldly attachments and pleasures) when he was in the womb of his mother. Here even yogis are unhappy(they are still separated from the Lord), the worldly people are unhappy(they don’t have all what they want) and people doing austerities are even more unhappy(they are facing lots of trouble in austerities, away from the worldly pleasures,  still not able to get the divine knowledge). The hope and desires are prevalent in all people, no one is excluded. When I speak the truth, everybody is irritated and angry at me and I can’t lie. Kabir says – they all are unhappy who started these paths (of those spiritual practices which don’t lead to realization).

7     7. Ab kanh chale akele meeta/  UThi kin karahu gharahu ki chinta.
  Kheer, khaanD,  ghrit pinD savaara/  So tan lai baahar kari Daara.
  Jehi sir rachi-rachi bandhyo paaga/  So fir ratan bidaarahi kaaga.
  HaaD jare jas lakaDi jhoori/  Kes jare jas trin ke koori.
  Aavat sang na jaat ki saathi/ Kaah bhayo dal saaje haathi.
  Maaya ko ras lei na paaya/ Antar jam bilaar hwe dhaaya.
  Kah Kabir nar ajahu na jaaga/ Jam ko mogara* dham sir laaga.

(After the death of someone)
Where are you going alone my friend? Wake up and take care of your household now (of which you took so much care that you never got to think of the Lord). The same body which was so much taken care of by providing sweet rice, jaggary and Ghee, they have taken it out of the house (after death).
You used to tie the turban on your head with so much effort. The same head is being torn apart by crows. Your bones are being burnt like dry wood and your hair are burnt like the pile of dried grass. The great wealth and possessions, the elephants (people used to keep as a symbol of pride possession) for which you put so much effort, were neither with you when you came here nor did they accompany you when you have left. These things are not worth putting that much effort. You couldn’t even taste the enjoyments of this material world and the Messenger of Death ran to you like a cat (running after its prey). Kabir says- these ignorant people don’t wake up to this bitter reality even when they see the Messenger of Death striking one of them (*with big log).

8     8. Man na rangaaye, rangaaye jogi kapaDa.
  Aasan maari mandir me baiThe, naam chhaDi, poojan lage pathara.
  Kanava faDaay jogi jaTawa badaule, daDhi badhaay jogi hoi gele bakara.
  Jangal jaay jogi dhuniya ramaule, kaam jaraay jogi bani gele hijara.
  Mathawa muDaay jogi kapada rangaule, geeta baanchi ke hoi gele labara.
  Kahe Kabir suno bhai saadho, jam daravajawa baandhal jaibe pakara.

When Kabir comes to scold people doing wrong spiritual practices, he spares none. Kabir is merciful and understanding towards ignorant people, but he is very harsh to those claiming to be spiritual and misguiding other people. The worst hit are jogis, pundits and maulavi.
Kabir says – these yogis don’t color their mind with love and devotion, rather they color their cloths to show the world that they are divine. These pundits- they sit in the temple and worship the stone (idol) rather than worshipping true Nam. These yogis – they get their ears pierced and grow big hairs(as was common among yogis those days). They grow big beards and look like a goat. They think that by doing these things, they will get to know the Lord. They go to forests and keep the holy fire burning. They suppress their sexuality and become impotent (these things are not going to help). Other yogis shave their head and color their cloths; they recite the verses from Gita and become too loud and talkative. Kabir says –these things are not going to help in GOD-realization. At the time of departure, the messenger of death will come and tie you to his court.

9     9. Avadhu bhajan-bhed hai nyaara.
  Kya gaaye, kya likhi batalaaye, kya bharame sansaara.
  Kya sandhya-tarapan ke keenhe, jo nahi tatt vichaara.
  MoonD muDaaye, jaTa rakhaaye, kya tan laaye chhaara.
  Kya pooja paahan ki kenhe, phal keeye aahaara.
  Bin parache Sahib hoi baiThe, kare vishay-vyopaara.
  Gyaan-dhyaan ka maram na jaane, baad kahe hankaara.
  Agam athaah maha ati gahiro, beejan-khet nivaara.
  Maha so dhyaan magan hoi baiThe, kaaT karam ki chaara.
  Jinake sada ahaar antar me, kewal tatt vichaara.
  Kahe Kabir suno ho Gorakh, tare sahit parivaara.

Kabir says to Avadhu (practicing yogic exercises)-  O avadhu, the secret of true worship is beyond any description. How can one sing or write about it? The whole world is misguided and led astray. What good it is to do rituals of offering water and evening prayers if you didn’t realize the real essence of the Lord? By shaving head or growing long hairs, by applying ashes all over the body, by worshipping idols made of stone or eating fruits only will not help you in GOD-realization. Without knowing the GOD, you became big priest and spiritual leader and are still indulged in all sense pleasures. You don’t know the essence of true knowledge and contemplation and you have started your own school of spirituality out of your inflated ego. The reality is inaccessible, unknowable and so deep (that it is beyond words) and we have to weed out all potential actions which could bear fruit in future. In that deep inaccessible region, we have to contemplate and remain absorbed, ever blissful and cut all the threads of action. Those whose whole sole life source is absorption in the true essence of reality, they will cross this ocean of illusionary world with their family and acquaintances.

1    10. Sunata nahi dhun ki khabar, anahadd baaja baajata,
  Rasmand Mandir gaajata, baahar sune to kya hua.
  Gaanja*, afim* au posta*, bhang* au sharaab peevata,
  Ek premras chaakha nahi, amali hua to kya hua.
  Kasi gaya aur dwarika, teerath sakal bharamat phire,
  GanThi na kholi kapaT ki, teerath gaya to kya hua.
  Pothi kitaabe baanchata, auro ko nit samajhaavata,
  TrikuTi mahal khoje nahi, bak-bak mara to kya hua.
  Kaaji kitaabe khojata, karata nasihat aur ko,
  Maraham nahi us haal se, kaaji hua to kya hua.
  Sataranj, chaupaD, ganjifa, ek nard hai badrang ki,
  Baaji na kheli prem ki, khela jua to kya hua.
  Jogi digambar se baDa, kapaDa range rang laal se,
  Wakif nahi us rang se, kapada range se kya hua.
  Mandir jharokhe, raavaTi, gul-chaman me rahte sada,
  Kahate Kabira hain sahi, ghaT-ghaT me Sahib ram raha.

You are not aware; you don't listen to that celestial sound which keeps resounding all the time. It resonates in the delightful temple of the body. You keep listening to outward sound and music, what is the use? You keep taking all kinds of drugs* and drink wine to get intoxicated and feel high. If you didn't taste the nectar of love, what is the use of being a drug addict? You went to Kaasi and Dwarika(holy places) and all other holy places(in search of the divinity) but if you didn't untie the knot of your cunning and mean nature, what was the use of visiting those holy places? You keep reciting holy books and scriptures and explain them to others but what is the use of all your talks if you didn't search within and looked for TrikuTi*(a stage in santmat). Kazi recites from his holy books and gives suggestions to others but he himself doesn't know the state of divine intoxication. What is the use of being a Kazi(holy man)? You play all games of gambling, these all are lifeless. If you didn't play the game of love, what is the fun in gambling? These jogis think themselves higher than Digambers(Jain followers) and they color their cloths red. But they are not aware of that color (of his Nam). Coloring cloths are not going to be any help. Kabir says the Truth. You look anywhere- at the temple, at the windows, at the roads, flowers or gardens - everywhere the same GOD is residing (search for him).

1    11.   Naiher me daag lagaay aayi chunari.
  U rangrejava ke maram na jaane, nahi mile dhobiya kaun kare ujari.
  Tan ke kundi, gyan ke saudan, saabun mahang bikaay ya nagari.
  Pahiri-odhi ke chali sasuriya, gauwa ke logan kahe badi fuhari*.
  Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, bin Satguru kabahu na sudhari.

What a pity, you got your cloth soiled in your parents village(cloth-covers upon the soul-body, senses and mind / Parents' village - this world where we come into the body).Nobody knows the mystery of the dyer(The Beloved who dyes the cloths in Love/Nam and what type of cloths he will accept) and I can't find a washer man who can clean it white(to make it presentable to the dyer).This body being a pond and knowledge as a soap - this trade is very costly in this city. The lady wears the dirty cloths and walks in the streets of his Beloved's city. The people of that village make a fun of her and say that she is dumb and stupid (*fuhari- someone who doesn't know to do anything in right manner), she doesn't know how to behave properly. Kabir says these efforts are all futile (with your own effort). Listen to me, without Satguru you will never get it right.

1    12.   Piya unchi re aTaraiya tori dekhan chali.
  Unchi aTariya, jarad kinariya, lagi naam ki doriya.
  Chand Suraj sam diyana baratu hai, ta bich bhooli dagariya.
  Panch, pachchees, teen ghar baniya, manua hai chaudhariya.
  Munshi hai kotawal gyan ko, chahu dishi laagi bajariya.
  AaTh maraatib, das daravaja, nau me lagi kivariya.
  Khiraki baiThi gori chitavan laagi, upara jhaanp –jhanpariya.
  Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, Guru charanan balihariya.
  Sadh-Saint mili sauda karihe, jheenkhe murukh anariya.

O my dear Beloved, I went to see your high mansion. The mansion is very high, the sides are all made of silver (light) and the strings are made of Nam (word, shabd). The lamps of Suns and moons are lit there; I got lost on my way among them. Five( five elements), twenty-five(ten doors of the body, five senses, five lower tendencies -lust, greed, anger, attachment and egotism, three gunas, mind and intellect) and three (Three deities, beginning, middle and end)are traders there. Among them, mind is the leader. The keeper of all trades is knowledge (of good and bad), this marketplace is spread all over. There are eight floors and ten doors, nine doors are closed (refers to the body).The beautiful maiden is sitting at the tenth outlet (window) trying to watch this show, but the window is curtained from upper side. Kabir says- I am sacrificed at the feet of my Satguru(who made me see this entire show). In this marketplace, Sadhus and Saints are able to trade wisely (who are guided by Satguru), other dumb and ignorant people are just crying and moaning (suffering in this world due to ignorance).

1    13.   Ratan jatan karu, prem ke tat dharu, Satguru imarit naam, jugat ke rakhab re.
  Baba ghar rahalau, babui kahaulo, Saiya chatur sayaan, chetab gharava aapan re.
  Khelat rahalau ham supali-mauniya*, auchak aaye lenihaar, chalab kesia jhaar re.
  Yah to andheri raat, musal choraba thala, saiya ke baan kuban, sutaile godaba taan re.
  Chun-chun kaliya me sejiya bichhaulo, bina re purukhaba ke naari jhakhele din-raati re.
  Taal jhuraay gele, phool kumhilaay gele, Hansa udat akel koi nahi dekhal re.
  Ab ka jhakhelu naari, hiye baiThalu man maari, ehi baaTe motiya heraail re.
  Das Kabir ehe gaave nirgunava, ab ki uhawa jaav to fir nahi aaub re.

Keep this jewel with utmost care; focus your mind on the true love. Your Satguru has given you the nectar of true Nam; keep it with great love and concern. Till now you were living at your father's place, carefree (parents had taken care of everything), being treated like a princess. Now you are married and your Beloved is wise and smart (you have to be compatible with him).Now be aware and take great care of your own house. Till now you were childish, playing with toys (*things made by bamboo which is used in household chores) and suddenly he has sent a messenger to take you to him. Make your hair beautifully (be presentable) and go with him.
(The girl says-) This is such a dark night and the thief has entered in my house (senses which take the attention away from the practice).My husband's words are piercing (to my heart – call to go higher, shabd) and he himself is sleeping peacefully stretching his legs (how can I overcome the thief myself).(Trying to please her husband)The girl says - I picked up buds and made the bed but my husband is not there. Without the husband, how can the wife be happy? She is moaning day and night. (Slowly and gradually) the pond is dried up, all flowers are faded (of the body) and the swan flew away, nobody could see it flying. Now what is the use of crying and moaning (when the time has gone)? Now you can only grieve upon what is lost. You lost your precious pearl in this way (by not following the advices given to you to do the practice).Kabir sings Nirgun pad and says - I shall go there this time (to my Beloved) and shall never come back.

Kabir refers to Nirgun in some of his pads. As per my understanding, his nirgun refers to a state in spiritual ascend where the difference of seer and scene is lost. There are states below it which are also considered as enlightened state and practitioner experiences oneness there too. However, in those states; the oneness and manyness both are experienced simultaneously and the experiences a soul gained during his sojourn, remains with it. It can reincarnate at will anytime with same characteristics it had in previous life. When Kabir says nirgun pad-it refers to a state where manyness is totally lost and a soul's separate identity doesn't exist anymore. That is why Kabir says again and again-I shall not come back. (This is just my understanding and may not be correct).

This beautiful pad is in Maithili-a language spoken in Bihar's few districts. This pad is told for those who are newly initiated and trying to practice the spiritual methods. They don't know about the Lord, they often falter in their practice and most of the time, it takes more than one life to complete the journey to ultimate destination. To make it simple and understandable, Kabir takes analogy of a girl who is innocent and ignorant of practical life, the taste of love and doesn't know how to please her husband. She is adored by her parents and is taken care of by them. She need not think anything or bother about anything. After she is married and is taken to her husband's home, it is totally new surroundings. She has to be very careful in her deeds; she has to take care of all practical things she never thought about. On top of it, she has to sacrifice all of her previous interests and do each and everything to please her husband else she will lose his love.

The same process applies for initiates. Till they are not initiated and don't know about the path, they do whatever they like and bother about nothing. Once GOD has chosen them to come back and a messenger in the form of Guru comes to claim them and teaches them the methods, gives the precious gift of Nam and puts some restrictions, they are in a new environment, facing new expectations and off course new love, but they have to make it through the life. Sometimes they falter and they feel bad losing the opportunity and they have to come again to complete the journey.

1    14.   Saai mor basat agam purava, janh gaman hamaar.
  AaTh kuwa, nav bavaDi, sorah panihaar.
  Bharal ghayalava Dharaki gaye re, dhani ThaDi man maar.
  ChhoT moT DanDiya* chandan ke ho, chhoT chaar kahaar.
  Jaay utarihe wahi desva ho, jaha koi na hamaar.
  Unchi mahaliye Sahib ke ho, lagi bikhami bajaar.
  Paap-punn dou baniya ho, heera laal apaar.
  Kah Kabir sun saaiya mor yaahiya des.
  Jo gaye so bahure na, ko kahat sandes.

My Beloved lives in the city which is inaccessible, I have to travel to that place. There are eight wells (chakras) and nine ponds (outer outlets of the body). There are sixteen women drawing the water(Water refers to energy, which runs through chakras and the things which consume the energy are five senses, five lower tendencies- lust, anger, greed, attachment and egotism, three gunas, mind, intellect and ego) from it. The filled pot turned down and water is gone waste(the energy is drained in these things), the lady(soul) is repenting it now. This is small cot(*something made of wood on which one can sit and which is carried by men) made of sandalwood and four men are carrying it(refers to the funeral procession-being carried upon four shoulders). They carried me and dropped me at a place where I have no one with me (pyre).My Lord's mansion is a big one and the market is full of sensual pleasures. Here sin and virtue are two traders and there are lots of jewels and gems lying here. Kabir says-O my Lord, this is my own place. Whoever has gone there ever turned back. Who will tell me the glory (of that place) and the message of my Lord?

1    15.   Aayo din gaune* ke ho, man hot hulaas.
  Paanch bheeT ke pokhara ho, jaame das dwaar.
  Paanch sakhi bairin bhayi ho, kas utarab paar.
  ChhoT-moT doliya chandan ke ho, laage chaar kahaar.
  Doliya utaare beech banama ho, jaha koi na hamaar.
  Paiya tori laagu kaharava ho, doli ghar chhin baar.
  Mil lev sakhiya saheli ho, milo kul-parivar.
  Sahib Kabir gaawe nirgun ho, sadho kari lo vichaar.
  Naram-garam sauda kari li ho, aage haaT na bazaar.

My day to depart from here and go to meet my Beloved has come (*Gauna - when a bride leaves his parents' home and visits to her husband's home first time) and my heart is bursting with joy.This is a lake made of five sides (five elements, BheeT*-the sloppy side of a pond or lake) and ten doors. Five friends (girls-Five foes-lust, anger, greed, attachment and egotism) have become my enemy-how will I be able to cross this lake? This is a small cot made by sandalwoods and four men are carrying it. They have put the cot down in mid jungle where I have no one with me.  I bow to your feet o people, don't leave me here, and take me to my home.Meet your friends, meet all your family members and relatives. Kabir sings nirgun pad and says-O sadhus, think it properly. Whatever you want to trade, do it here. Further down the road, there is no market.

Kabir refers to this world as the market where we can trade anything - good or bad, worldly pleasures or we can seek the Lord. Once we cross the portal of death, there is no option to do anything as free will, we can't trade anything there. Hence Kabir warns that do here whatever you want to do. After leaving this place, no one will go with you neither you will be given a chance to do anything.

1    16.   DanDiya phanDaay dhani chaalu re, mili lehu saheli.
  Dina chaari ko sang hai, firi ant akeli.
  Din das naihar kheliye, saasur nij bharana.
  Bahiya pakari piya le chale, tab ujur na karana.
  Ek andhiyari koThari, dooje diya na baati.
  De utaari tehi ghara, Jaha sang na saathi.
  Ek andhiyaara kuiya, dooje lejur TooTi.
  Nain hamaare as Dhur, jaise gaagar phooTi.
  Das Kabir yo kahe, jag naahin rahana.
  Sangi hamare chali gaye, hamahu ko chalana.

Walk quickly O dear friend and meet all your friends. This friendship and being together is for only few days, after that you have to be all alone (when a girl comes to her parents' home, she has few days to meet all loved ones before she goes back to her husband. In the similar way, we are here in the world for few days only where we make friends and acquaintances-we shouldn't get too involved with them, rather always remembering that we have to leave them to meet our Beloved).Play in your parents' village freely for ten days, and then you have to fill your in-laws house. When your Beloved will come and will take you by arms, then don't object (that you will stay some time more).

(The girl says-) This room is so dark and there is no lamp or wick. They have dropped me at such a place where I have no one with me. This is so dark well and the rope is broken (refers to the spot of meditation and the rope refers to the Sushumna Nadi which is supposed to pull the attention from the body and bring it to eye center). Tears are falling down from my eyes as if a broken pot filled with water. Kabir says- I will not stay in this world. My friends are gone; I also have to leave (this world).

The above refers to the condition of new initiate who is trying to practice meditation. In meditation one has to be all alone, leaving all worldly attachments, fun and pleasure behind and try to gather all attention behind the eye center where it is all darkness and there is nothing to hold the attention there. Kabir encourages them by referring those people who have previously gone on the path.